After Sales Support

Aftersales, Remote Monitoring and Service Packages

We rely on our multimedia systems for work, education and recreation. With the integration of systems, control within and outside of the home and software/firmware updates, ongoing service and maintenance are essential.

Parts of your system can and will malfunction, often when it is most inconvenient, and we are here to assist you when this occurs. Many of these issues can be resolved online often without you even noticing with our remote support packages.

To support you, we have two “Proactive” packages Base and Prime, alongside our existing “Reactive” package.

Here are the features and prices of the packages.

 ReactProact Base
Proact Prime
Re-active monitoring and reporting
24/7/365 monitoring
24/7/365 email, live chat, and phone support
On-site support preferential rates
On-site support preferential scheduling
Remote support rates for 15mins£21.00£21.00£0
Annual on-site system service
• Update firmware to all rack devices
• Clean rack and fans
• CCTV hard drive check
• TV and satellite signal strength test
• Wi-Fi signal strength test and tune up per room
• Control system test per room
• Audio system tune up by room
• Surround sound system tune up by room
• TV screen test and tune up per room
• Lighting and shades control system
- Control pad test
- Motion sensor test
- Lighting circuit test
- Shades and curtains test
• CCTV camera lens clean
Cost per Month£0.00£99.00P.O.A.

Prices are inclusive of VAT.
Control4 or OVRC hub required.
On-site support preferential rates £76.00 per hour (no call out charge).
Proact Prime rates bespoke to system specification.


Our travel surcharges per hour are as follows:

  £/hour inc VAT
Zone 1Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire,£0.00
Zone 2London Boroughs (exc zone 3 post codes) £3.50
Zone 3Central London EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, SE1, SW1, W1, WC1 and WC2£10.00

Our operating hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Outside of these hours labour charges are x 1.5 except Sundays and public holidays at x 2.0